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You can pay by one of the following methods:

1. purchase in our shop via WebMoney or LiqPay systems
in this case the license for the chosen type of goods will be automatically created)

2. PrivatBank card (including through Privat 24 system).

3. direct WebMoney transfer from purse to purse

Purchase in-store our site

a. Register on our site, please. If you have already completed - please enter your username and password on our site.

b. Choose the type of license, which you want to buy (Example for EAC )

c. Below your chosen license, press

you can view your purchase later - Your shopping cart is available on the left side of our site or here

e. In the shopping basket, click Checkout "Checkout"

f. You will be transferred to the first step of payment, where you can choose the convenient way to pay: WebMoney or LiqPay.

After the selection, press Next >>

g. You'll see a page "Checkout", where if you wish, you can attach to this request your comments or suggestions.

h. Click Confirm order. Order confirmation will be sent on e-mail of our support


i. Choose a purse to pay (WMR, WMZ or WMU) and click "Pay" i. click "Pay"
k. You will be transferred to the payment page of WebMoney system, where you can complete your purchase. k. You will be transferred to the payment page of LiqPay system,where you can complete your purchase.

Payment with WebMoney system
You can fund WM -Z, -R, -U and -Y Account with the preapid WM-card that is on sale locally in Russia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.
About WM Cards here.Important! You can only transfer funds between purses of equal e-currency (that is from R to R-Purse only, from Z to Z-Purse, etc.); all other transactions are considered to be exchange operations and can only be carried out using Exchange services
  • Other ways to fund WebMany purse here
  • direct transfer from WebMany purse to purse .
To make WM payments you need to have a Purse. You need to create purses inside your WM Account yourself. For that, click Purses/Create. All transactions within the System take place between purses of the same type only. That is, you can transfer funds from your Z- Purse to another Z-Purse only. You can fund Purse via your Keeper menu ("Add Funds").
To trace your payment or locate a lost transaction please go to "Locate Payment" section.
Please, remember, that Webmoney charges the sender 0.8% per each transaction (but not more than WM 50). Commission will be charged on top of the amount you wish to send.
You can make code-protected transactions to protect yourself. Funds are transferred under a password (a code) that is disclosed to another party only upon receiving goods/services. Other ways of WM-transfer Here.
When sending payment, please indicate in the notes type of license that you pay and your username (by which you registered on our website)
WARNING!!!Never point your password - for the correct operation of the administration of your passwords are not needed
Our purse:
WMZ: Z716232066658 Z118104385024
WMU: U521347772157 U247524558190
WMR: R351698396252  
WME: E386852888113  

Purchase with PrivatBank card
Please, make a scan or copy of the check and send it to one of these contacts , do not forget point your login (for our website)
PrivatBank card number: 5211 5374 1039 8809 (UAH)


After confirmation of payment our support for your username will create the license. Then you can activate the program.



Proposed goods and services are provided not by the order the person or enterprise operating system WebMoney Transfer. We are an independent company providing services to, and independently make decisions about pricing and offers. Enterprises operating system WebMoney Transfer, do not receive commissions or other remuneration for their participation in the provision of services and does not accept any responsibility for our actions. Certification, manufactured by WebMoney Transfer, only confirms our contact information and identity. She performed at our request and did not mean that we are in any way connected with the sales system operators WebMoney.


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