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Plugin for Liqpay (API 2.0) payment system for VirtueMart 2.x

LiqPay (API 2.0) payment module for online stores based on CMS Joomla 2.5.x for VirtueMart 2.x.x

LiqPay payment system is the universal payment platform that enables businesses to accept payments on their websites. Individuals can use LiqPay to transfer money to a Visa card or send money to another user, knowing only the mobile number. The system of instant payments LiqPay allows to make instant payments with Visa and MasterCard. All you need is a mobile phone and bank card in order to create an instant payment in one of the most common payment systems.

LiqPay is similar to other popular payment systems and can be the excellent alternative to them. What is the difference between payment systems. In order to register in LiqPay you do not need a separate account and password. LiqPay account is the number of your mobile phone. The system of instant transfers LiqPay provides everything you need for your online business.

Install and configure the payment module

Installing the plugin for VirtueMart 2.x.x made ​​through the extension manager.


Select Components – VirtueMart – Payment method – New, after upload and install package.

Input the name of payment, for example: LiqPay. Select Payment method as “VM– Payment, LiqPay”, and click “Save”.

Once you have saved the new payment method, go to the "Settings" tab and enter the settings of your store:

1. Your merchant ID - public key for API 2.0. This is the ID store that issued LiqPAY.com when registering your store on their website.

2. Your password (signature) - private key for API 2.0. This is your password (signature) issued LiqPAY.com when registering your store. Password  always keep in strict confidence!

3. Site url. URL of your store. Example - http://www.myWebShop.com/ (slash at the end is required!)

4. Description of payment. What will be displayed in the description of the payment. If left blank, will indicate "Order № nnn"

5. Payment. “LiqPAY, card”, or one of these methods at the option of the payer. Just can leave “liqpay, card”. In this case, the taxpayer will be able to choose to pay him directly card or account LiqPay.

6. Order status for Successful transaction. Set the status in which to pass an order for payment was successful. As a rule it is the status: Confirmed.

7. Order status for Failed transaction. Set the status in which to pass an order for payment was failed. As a rule it is the status: Cancelled

8. Currency. Set the currency in which the payment will be done. Usually sufficient to choose: “Default vendor currency.”

9. Expiry time. Optional parameter for the formation of a request for payment. This is the time during which you can pay in the self-service terminal in hours. Leaving this field blank will be considered as the default time - 36 hours.

 For developers and webmasters LiqPay site has API.

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